Closet Edit
Before purchasing a new wardrobe, it is best to rid yourself of your old one first. The stylist will go through the client’s closet to depict which items to get rid of and hold on to and will make suggestions for items to add. The client will be left with a closet that only contains items that compliment them and room for new pieces to be added.

Closet Look Books
You have your new wardrobe, now you need to know how to wear it. The stylist will photograph outfits made from the client’s new and old pieces and a produce both a print and digital look book for the client to refer to when getting dressed each day. Closet look books are seasonal and can contain as many looks as desired.

Closet Makeover
Rearranging, and sometimes rebuilding, a client’s closet is necessary to better organize their wardrobe so that it is easily accessible. The stylist will work with the client, their space and items to better the home of their clothing and accessories in a strategic manner. All hangers are replaced if necessary and suggestions are made for additional racks, shelves and closet accessories to maximize space. If the client is interested in a new closet all together, the stylist will collaborate with a closet design company to ensure that the absolute best layout is created in their home.