Personal Shopping
Have a stylist shop for you and bring the items to you. The stylist will obtain new items based on the client’s individual assessment, whether they need complete outfits or select pieces to tie together their wardrobe. All purchases will be made with the client’s current wardrobe, lifestyle, budget and interests in mind and brought to the client at their convenience for a fitting. The client will then select items to keep, returns and exchanges are free.

Shopping Trips
Accompany the stylist in shopping for your new wardrobe or select pieces. Style advice will be given throughout the trip, assisting you in making the best purchases for your body type, lifestyle and budget. Shopping trips can be for a single outfit or for an entire seasonal wardrobe.

Special Occasion
For a client in need of styling for a specific event or appearance, the stylist will pull multiple looks for the client to choose from and assure that they will be occasion-appropriate and fashionable.

Gift Shopping
A client in need of a gift for a family member, friend or business occasion can work with a stylist, who will assist in choosing the appropriate gift at the best price and in a timely manner. Each gift will be professionally gift-wrapped and delivered directly to the recipient if requested.